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Gastric Sleeve

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1-2 Hours

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Gastric Sleeve

Which is called “Sleeve Gastrectomy” in the medical language, Gastric Sleeve Surgery; Generally known as stomach reduction surgery, it is one of the most popular surgical procedures performed worldwide. The sleeve gastrectomy, which was first applied as a part of the Duedonal Switch surgery in 1988, was performed with the open method, exactly 11 years later, with another first in the medical world. 

The real breakthrough in sleeve gastrectomy surgery was realized when it was started to be applied with the laparoscopic surgery method. Because, thanks to this method, it has become a surgical procedure that leaves less scars, and the duration of hospitalization after the operation has decreased.

How is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed by laparoscopic method. Laparoscopic surgery is a closed surgical technique. As in open surgeries, 10-15 cm incisions are not opened. Instead, a few holes of 0.5 cm in average are opened and the camera and treatment tools are sent to the abdomen through these holes.

In the laparoscopic method, this means that in the closed sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the stomach is first transformed into a thin long tube. Then, an average of 80% of the stomach is removed after the cutting process. In this way, your stomach’s need for food becomes much more limited than before, and your appetite decreases at the same rate. In addition, the body’s insulin resistance is broken.

During the procedure, there is no disruption in the continuity of the digestive system by protecting the inlet and outlet parts of the stomach. Therefore, the risk of stomach reduction surgery is extremely low.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Done to Who?

Gastric sleeve gastrectomy surgery can be applied to individuals aged between 18-65 years, who have attempted to lose weight with diet and exercise many times and have failed, and whose body mass index is 40 kilograms/m2 and above.

It can also be applied to individuals with a BMI between 35-40 kg/m2 with accompanying disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea. For individuals with a weight of 35 and below, non-surgical methods such as gastric balloon or stomach botox are the priority, but surgery can be considered for individuals with very serious diseases at a body weight of 30-35 kilograms/m2.

How Much Weight Can I Lose After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

● 15-20% of excess weight in the 1st month,

● 30-40% of the excess weight in the 3rd month,

● 50-60% of the excess weight in the 6th month,of the

● and 50-70% of the excess weight at the end1st year.

What is the Process After Gastric Sleeve Surgery? 

Especially if we talk about the pain issue, serious pain is not experienced in laparoscopic surgeries, which are described as closed surgery. The main reason for this is that the abdominal muscles and membranes are not cut in this type of surgery. 

You may experience a feeling of tension and pressure on the first day of stomach reduction surgery. If such a situation occurs, your problem will be eliminated with painkillers. You can also start walking in the evening of the first day.

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